Red Velvet Cupcakes – love their cream cheesy goodness!

24 Aug

Earlier this week I was at work and had a pretty distinct feeling that it was a cupcake kind of day. (you know… the kind of day that just needs a quick jolt of fun and sweetness!)
I was in luck because it wasn’t just any cupcake kind of day – it was a Wednesday –  one of the days Susie’s Shortbread’s makes Red Velvet cupcakes- only one of of my favorite kinds of cake! Things were looking up!

One email  to another cupcake loving friend later, and we were off to Susie’s at lunch with orders from colleagues to bring a few back for them.

Red Velvet! Yum! I love the cake, but combine it with cream cheese icing and you have a delicious combo!  Aren’t bakers these days brilliant?

I considered getting one for another day, but held back, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until it felt like a cupcake kind of day again soon!

Where to get it: Susie’s Shortbread’s, Halifax, NS
My Rating: 8 out of 10
Have you had this too? What did you rate it – tell me your rating  in the comments!


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