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Peach Pizza, Salted Caramel Tart and More at Morris East

26 Sep

I visited Morris East tonight because I wanted to make sure I participated in Yelp Eats – Halifax this week and I am so glad I did!

I had never been there before, but had always heard people rave about it –  so this was a great excuse for me to “need to go” this week (and also help support FEED NOVA SCOTIA).

We started with the Vinaigrette Caeser – it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had, and no – that’s not just because I don’t eat salads a whole lot! Fresh greens mixed with a very light vinaigrette, topped with house-made sour dough croutons and thick bacon pieces that were still hot! So good! I don’t normally gush about a salad this way, it’s got me all excited!

After salad – we had pizza, and not just your regular, 2am craving,  pizza corner pizza either!

We ordered Peach Pizza – a pizza with grilled peaches, goat cheese, shallots, prosciutto and rosemary aiol.

Ok – let me just say, right off the bat – peaches and goat cheese – why have I not been combining these two before?! Two of my favourite things on one pizza with the added bonus of prosciutto joining them!

They tell me it is only on the menu for the summer season – so if you’d like a taste – get in there this week!

And now for the desserts, last but certainly not least!

The Peanut Butter Tart with Honeysponge caught my eye, as a huge fan of combining peanut butter and chocolate! It is a chocolate tart filled with peanut butter ice cream, drizzled with ganache and housemade honeycomb.

The peanut butter ice cream was the highlight for me in this dessert.  While I really liked the chocolate tart too, the whole thing was frozen together, and by frozen, I mean – like a rock, you need to cut it with a knife, frozen. (yes, I know ice cream needs to be frozen) This was too bad because it took away from the overall taste of the dessert – it was just so cold and the frozen texture took away from the actual taste of the chocolate and peanut butter.

That said, it was still very tasty and I’m glad to have picked it.

Rating: 7 out of 10

We had a hard time with the lighting and getting pictures right, but here are a few shots of it…

Since it was important for me to fully review this restaurant, we decided to order two desserts! (Sound reasoning, I think!)

Our second choice was the Salted Caramel Tart – a lovely light crust filled with liquid caramel – a thick, sticky caramel that explodes with sweet and salty flavour in each bite!

We liked this very much, but I would highly recommend it it for sharing, definitely between 2 people, but you could even share between 4 because that’s how sweet this caramel is! This is the kind of dessert that a small taste of is just right, too much and you could be “over-sweetened”

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I am so pleased with my first visit to Morris East, and it will certainly not be my last! Already looking forward to visiting again!

Have you been? – tell me about your experience!
Have you been to any of the other Yelp Eats- Halifax locations?


Colourful Cake Bites!

12 Sep

Colourful Cake Bites – Part 2 of my Weekend Baking Adventures

Rating – 7 out of 10

Would I make them again? Yes, I think they add a nice pop of colour to a tray and people really liked them!

Great for: Dessert trays, potlucks

Quick Notes on the Recipe:

  • Liked that I could just fancy up a pre-made cake
  • No –bake
  • Might look for slightly different glaze to use in the future
  • Like that I can change colours to have them match any occasion

Ok – so you cut up a premade pound cake – easy (as long as you can cut straight lines)

Lay out a tray with Wax paper underneath and a wire rack on top

Ok – this recipe tells you to place the cake pieces and drizzle the glaze over them…I tried that and they look like this

Not this

FAIL…not sure what happened there!

So I just dunked them right in and gave them a good coating of glaze all over (I didn’t hear any complaints!) and I think they’re even better that way.

Return them to the fridge until glaze is set, then put in muffin cups and back to the fridge again!

I will admit – I was not convinced these weren’t a pintrosity until the next day when they had spent a long night in the fridge and the glaze had fully set!

However – once they’d been in the fridge a while (12 hours) they were just great!

Recipe and Directions I used  – they call them petit fours apparently though, they are only considered petit fours if they are glazed on just 3 sides and mine are glazed on all sides! so I call them Cake Bites!

Next time you eat dessert – remember to take a picture of it first! – Send it to me with you review and I’ll post it!

Il Mercato Review – Bounty Bar in Cheesecake Form? – Yes, please!

4 Sep

Il Mercato dessert special – Candy Bar Cheesecake

I was at Il Mercato, the other day (a family favourite) and was as usual, admiring the dessert case. With some help from the staff, I finally narrowed my choice down to one of the specials that day – Candy Bar Cheesecake.

If you like the Chocolate/Coconut combo then this will be your paradise!

It is exactly like eating a Bounty bar, only better because there is also cheesecake!

Highly recommended by my family… hope you enjoy!  (sorry the pic is grainy, but believe me the cake is not!)

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Where to find it: Il Mercato, Bedford or Halifax, NS

Have you tried this too? What did you think? – Leave a comment