Weekend Baking Adventures – Complete Success!

12 Sep

Sorry for the delay in posting my photos of this past weekend’s adventure in baking!

I should say that neither of the recipes I made required actual baking, but I’m going to call it that anyway!

First up …

Pecan Pie Bites

Overall Rating (from myself and a few invested partners) – a solid 8 out of 10!

Would I make them again? You bet! I plan to this Christmas!

These were great – the perfect pairing of salty and sweet. Great for a dessert tray, potluck, party or just to have around the house!

Quick Notes on the Recipe:

  • It was easy and quick
  • No–bake
  • 1 bowl needed – so easy clean up
  • Don’t forget to toast the pecans

So you mix all the dry ingredients, then add the wet and it kind of looks like this… (which had me worried at first)

It was so sticky it made rolling them pretty much impossible because it just all sticks to your hands and doesn’t really form a shape!
(Imagine the scene: Me: ”Oh god John, what is happening? Did I miss something? This does not seem right! Something has happened, I must have forgotten an ingredient! Murmur murmur…
John: “How could you miss something, there’s like 4 ingredients, reads recipe, nope you’ve got it all.” Takes spoon and starts scooping. Me: “Oh, that works well, what a great idea!”)

*Try This* Use a melon baller or rounded tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop the mixture onto the pan and don’t even bother to try to roll it right away.

Once you’ve got them placed on the pan (or as your helpful assistant is scooping them), run your hands under water (which you’ll need to do to get the goog off of them from all the hand mixing earlier) and go back to the dollops with wet hands – this will help with actually making the balls round!
I promise, wet hands is key (also helps to wet the sugar which was still a bit grainy at that point)

Put them in the freezer for minimum two hours.

After two hours set up a double boiler and melt chocolate – please note – I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and they worked just fine. Also don’t be afraid to melt a lot of chocolate because the first few I did, got a generous amount of chocolate and the last few dips were lighter on chocolate because I was running out.

Sprinkle coarse salt and return bites to fridge or freezer.

Official Recipe and Directions


2 1/2 c pecans, toasted and chopped
1 c graham crackers, crushed
1 c brown sugar, firmly packed
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp maple syrup
1/4 c bourbon, brandy or spiced rum
1 tsp vanilla
7 oz dark chocolate bark
1 tsp coarse sea salt (optional)



Combine first four ingredients in large bowl. Add maple syrup, bourbon, and vanilla. Use your hands to make sure all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.


Form balls by scooping a tablespoon size amount of mixture and rolling in hands to form balls. Place balls on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
Tip: After all balls are made, roll balls again with slightly water damped hands. This will make balls smooth before dipping in chocolate.
Place balls on cookie sheet in freezer for 2 hrs.


Melt chocolate bark in a double boiler or microwave per directions on package.
Dip frozen balls into chocolate, then place on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet.


Optional: Sprinkle a few grains of course sea salt on balls before the chocolate sets.


These freeze well. Take out of freezer and let sit for 15 minutes. They are also good frozen!

I’ll post part 2 tomorrow – Colourful Cake Bites
Enjoy! I hope you like them as much as I did!
Let me know if you’ve tried these and tell me what you think in the comments!

My Sweet Weekend Plans – Mini Cake Bites and Pecan Pie Bites

7 Sep

In my last post I asked you what Pinterest recipe I should actually try to make instead of just dreaming it would show up on my door step (which would be weird, but well received!)

You responded and nominated:

Reese Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

Sugar Cookie Squares

Pecan Pie Balls

Thanks for the suggestions – keep’em coming!
(Email: thegoodiegirlhfx@gmail.com or facebook.com/TheHfxGoodieGirl)

I plan to make all of these at some point, but – I have chosen the Pecan Pie Bites (I know the recipe says ‘balls’ but I prefer the daintiness of ‘bites’) because I think they’d be great to take to a party I am going this weekend!

Also – for a baby shower on Monday – I’m thinking making these

Cute, right?  I’ll get to those if I’m feeling really ambitious!

I’ll make sure to document my baking adventure this weekend and post soon!

In the mean time, what are your dessert plans for the weekend?

The Best ‘Keep Calm’ Meme…and Pinterest!

6 Sep

My new favourite motto!

I am so excited to be pinning on Pinterest as The Goodie Girl – check out my boards!

So… you know when you post the most delicious looking desserts that are so elaborate and secretly hope someone else will make it for you so you could just taste it without having to put in all the work? Be honest… Yea, me too!

To make things interesting though I’m going to try to actually make a few of the things I pin.

So… what should I make?  I’ll give it my best shot and post a photo review of the whole thing! (This is gonna be hilarious)

In case you don’t “pin” – take a look at my Tasty board for ideas.

Ever made anything from Pinterest? Was it a success or did you get a hilarious story out of it?

Suggest pins for me to make – tell me your Pinterest stories – leave a comment!

Il Mercato Review – Bounty Bar in Cheesecake Form? – Yes, please!

4 Sep

Il Mercato dessert special – Candy Bar Cheesecake

I was at Il Mercato, the other day (a family favourite) and was as usual, admiring the dessert case. With some help from the staff, I finally narrowed my choice down to one of the specials that day – Candy Bar Cheesecake.

If you like the Chocolate/Coconut combo then this will be your paradise!

It is exactly like eating a Bounty bar, only better because there is also cheesecake!

Highly recommended by my family… hope you enjoy!  (sorry the pic is grainy, but believe me the cake is not!)

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Where to find it: Il Mercato, Bedford or Halifax, NS

Have you tried this too? What did you think? – Leave a comment

A Fantastic Night at The Bicycle Thief!

28 Aug

Alright so, picture this… A beautiful Saturday evening on the Halifax waterfront, sun is setting, people smiling, boats docked at the wharf, the cutest dogs off on an evening walk and me and my family watching it all pass us by as we dine outside on the patio at The Bicycle Thief.

What a great way to spend a night in Halifax!

I can’t say enough great things about this place, the food, service and ambiance were all top notch in my books!

I had shrimp in white wine cream sauce, pork ribs, tomato basil salad, veal parmesan and seafood linguine. (ok, well I had a taste of it all but didn’t eat whole portions myself! We’re share-ers in my family, our waitress caught onto that too!)

Just when I didn’t think I could fit another bite after courses of delicious food – they came with the dessert menu’s…so let me tell you about the desserts!

Coconut Cream Pie

This is not your average coconut cream here people! It starts with a chocolate crust, which has a lovely saltiness to it, topped with ever so creamy coconut filling and another cream topping!

If you are looking for a twist on the traditional coconut cream pie – this is an excellent choice!
Highly recommended! Great for sharing!

My Rating: 8 out of 10 – a return favorite
*should also note that this is the second time I’ve ordered it – you know its good when you choose it again on a return visit!

But wait… there’s more!

Peanut Butter Gelato Fudge Sundae

Now this was a first try for me on several accounts.

I had never had peanut butter gelato before, chocolate and other kinds, of course, but never peanut butter. I am a huge fan of the peanut butter chocolate combo though.  Also, I had never really considered ordering a sundae for dessert at such a fine restaurant (you know, sundae’s are usually saved for Friendly’s, or Swiss Chalet etc.)

This sundae is several scoops of peanut butter gelato, layered with homemade peanut brittle, peanuts and hot fudge. Can I just  say…MIND BLOWN!

It is all kinds of awesome! I loved it, and it was a hit with everyone at the table. The peanut brittle was a sweet crunchy surprise, it added to the gourmet factor.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

A sure bet for those who love the peanut butter chocolate combo!


Red Velvet Cupcakes – love their cream cheesy goodness!

24 Aug

Earlier this week I was at work and had a pretty distinct feeling that it was a cupcake kind of day. (you know… the kind of day that just needs a quick jolt of fun and sweetness!)
I was in luck because it wasn’t just any cupcake kind of day – it was a Wednesday –  one of the days Susie’s Shortbread’s makes Red Velvet cupcakes- only one of of my favorite kinds of cake! Things were looking up!

One email  to another cupcake loving friend later, and we were off to Susie’s at lunch with orders from colleagues to bring a few back for them.

Red Velvet! Yum! I love the cake, but combine it with cream cheese icing and you have a delicious combo!  Aren’t bakers these days brilliant?

I considered getting one for another day, but held back, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until it felt like a cupcake kind of day again soon!

Where to get it: Susie’s Shortbread’s, Halifax, NS
My Rating: 8 out of 10
Have you had this too? What did you rate it – tell me your rating  in the comments!