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Colourful Cake Bites!

12 Sep

Colourful Cake Bites – Part 2 of my Weekend Baking Adventures

Rating – 7 out of 10

Would I make them again? Yes, I think they add a nice pop of colour to a tray and people really liked them!

Great for: Dessert trays, potlucks

Quick Notes on the Recipe:

  • Liked that I could just fancy up a pre-made cake
  • No –bake
  • Might look for slightly different glaze to use in the future
  • Like that I can change colours to have them match any occasion

Ok – so you cut up a premade pound cake – easy (as long as you can cut straight lines)

Lay out a tray with Wax paper underneath and a wire rack on top

Ok – this recipe tells you to place the cake pieces and drizzle the glaze over them…I tried that and they look like this

Not this

FAIL…not sure what happened there!

So I just dunked them right in and gave them a good coating of glaze all over (I didn’t hear any complaints!) and I think they’re even better that way.

Return them to the fridge until glaze is set, then put in muffin cups and back to the fridge again!

I will admit – I was not convinced these weren’t a pintrosity until the next day when they had spent a long night in the fridge and the glaze had fully set!

However – once they’d been in the fridge a while (12 hours) they were just great!

Recipe and Directions I used  – they call them petit fours apparently though, they are only considered petit fours if they are glazed on just 3 sides and mine are glazed on all sides! so I call them Cake Bites!

Next time you eat dessert – remember to take a picture of it first! – Send it to me with you review and I’ll post it!